Short Rafting Trips in Nepal

Short Rafting Trips in NepalShort rafting adventure trips take between one and four days and do not involve any trekking. Some of these trips involve less challenging white water and are ideally suited to first time rafters and families. Others attract experienced thrill-seekers with their world-class rapids.

Seti Khola: Warm and beautiful (2 days)

The intensity of monsoon flows seduce experienced rafters and kayakers with challenging rapids. However, the Seti is normally a gentle river, famous for its dazzling scenery. A favorite for nature lovers, bird-watchers, and dreamers… (Ideal for family trips).

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Trishuli River: The classic river (1 to 3 days)

After a short drive to the starting point, this river offers an exciting experience for first time paddlers (class 2 to 3+). The Trisuli can easily be combined with a trip to Pokhara or Chitwan. During the monsoon, though, the river swells with powerful rapids and whirlpools. A great warm up for those that wish to get a feel for what Nepali water is all about.

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Bhote Koshi River: The harmony of Tibet and the Himalayas (2 days)

Probably the best short white water adventure in the world. While traveling through the mountains to the starting point, one can get interesting glimpses of Tibetan life; but once on the river, there is no time to stop paddling, as the raft/kayak needs to maneuver its way down some of the fastest and steepest rapids of Nepal. This true adventure (class 3 to 5) can be rafted around October/December, or from February to April.

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Kali Gandaki River: River of God (3 days)

Named after the much-revered Goddess Kali and descending from the deepest gorge in Asia, this fabulous river (class 3 to 4+) offers a mixture of astounding mountain views and pure adrenaline with a full immersion into the wilderness. Along the way you will encounter culture at its simplest. We visit remote temples of unparalleled beauty, the native Magar and set our eyes on a plethora of forest vegetation and wildlife.

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Marsyangdi River: The raging river - Annapurna Region (4 days)

Marshyangdi Nadi (raging river) descends from the village of Manang through a narrow gorge of uninterrupted class 4 to 5 rapids. Himalayan giants of the Annapurna region look down on us. An exciting trip combining one day of easy trekking and 5 days of intense rafting.

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River Name Best Season Grade* Water Flow Put In Point Take Out Point
TRISHULI (1-3 DAYS) Sep - Dec 4 300 Caraudi Gaighat
  Jan - May 4- 250 Charaudi Gaighat
Jun - Aug 4+ 450 Baireni Gaighat
SETI KHOLA (2 DAYS) Sep - Dec 3 50 Damauli Gaighat
  Jan - May 2 20 Damauli Gaighat
Jun - Aug 4 100 Damauli Gaighat
BHOTE KOSI (2 DAYS) Sep - Dec 5- 100 Baseri Dolalghat
  Jan - May 4+ 50 Baseri Dolalghat
Jun - Aug lower section 180 Dam Dolalghat
KALI GANDAKI (3 DAYS) Sep - Dec 4+ 500 Nayapul Dam
  Jan - May 4 200 Nayapul Dam
Jun - Aug Nr 1000 Nayapul Dam
MARSHYANGDI (4 DAYS) Sep - Dec 5- 250 Nagdi Bimalnagar
  Jan - May 4 100 Nagdi Bimalnagar
Jun - Aug NR 450  Nagdi Bimalnagar
SUN KOSI ( 8-10 DAYS) Sep - Dec 5 475 Dolalghat Chatara
  Jan - May 5- 300 Dolalghat Chatara
Jun - Aug NR 1200  Dolalghat Chatara
KARNALI (10 DAYS) Sep - Dec 5 550 Kareleghat Chisapani
  Jan -May 5- 300 Kareleghat Chisapani
Jun - Aug NR 1350  Kareleghat Chisapani
ARUN (09 DAYS) Sep - Dec 5- 400 Tumlingtar Chatara
  Jan - May 4 200 Tumlingtar Chatara
Jun - Aug NR 850  Tumlingtar Chatara
TAMUR (10 days) Sep - D ec 5 350 Dovan Chatara
  Jan - May 4+ 150 Dovan Chatara
Jun - Aug NR 750  Dovan Chatara
SETI KARNALI (07 days) Sep - D ec 5 350 Gopghat Chisapani
  Jan - May 4+ 150 Gopghat Chisapani
Jun - Aug NR 750 Gopghat Chisapani
BHERI - Fishing Trip (07 days) Sep - D ec 5 350 Surkhet Chisapani
  Jan - May 4+ 150 Surkhet Chisapani
Jun - Aug NR 750 Surkhet Chisapani