Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet In addition to sightseeing tours, we also offers trekking in different parts of Tibet. Travelling in Tibet The day-to-day basics of Travelling in Tibet are often profoundly different from any other adventure destination in Asia . With a bit of patience and understanding, these unusual aspects of Tibet will provide a unique and memorable travels experince. we have some selected offers trekking and tours in different parts of Tibet.







Tibet Trekking Programmes

Best Season Trip Days Max. Elevation Name of the Trip

Jun - Sep 14 Days 5250m Ganden - Samye Trekking

Jun - Sep 10 Days 5200m Everest Base Camp Trekking

Jun - Sep 16 Days 5300m Kharta Valley Trekking

- 18 Days 5600m Advance Everest Base Camp Trek